Why Do I Need Digital CCTV? As the world becomes less safe, businesses, institutions and individuals with valuable assets need to take precautions to protect themselves and their property. In many instances, modern digital CCTV is the best answer to crime detection and prevention. I Don’t Have CCTV Installed CCTV cameras are springing up all over the place. It is widely regarded that, on an average day, you are captured on CCTV up to 300 times. One of the reasons for the increased implementation of CCTV is its deterrent ability. A survey conducted back in January 2006 found that over two-thirds of burglars would probably or definitely not burgle premises that had CCTV installed. By setting up a network of CCTV cameras on your premises, many locations can be viewed from a single monitor, thus decreasing your need for expensive manned guarding or “stop and search” checks. Even the simple physical presence of CCTV cameras serves to generate a feeling of safety with your customers, visitors and employees. In situations where cameras have been placed in prominent locations, unscrupulous insurance claims and assaults on members of staff dealing with the public have been vastly reduced.

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